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From iconic advertising campaigns to style guides and what not to wears.
Our blog offers an oversight into the world of mens fashion, from the downright bizarre to the upscale on trend.

  • January 23 2015 – Alex Garner

    10 Alternative Uses For A Camping/Survival Blade

      I used to have a sharp kitchen knife in my cutlery box, thrown in the back of my 4wd. That was it. A knife to me was simply to cut up the steak and potatoes for dinner. But since I received a rather large and heavy duty survival type knife for Christmas, I have discovered so many uses for...

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  • December 09 2014 – Alex Garner

    Becoming A Campfire Pro

    An essential part of many a campers experience is a good campfire. You can cook just about anything over a fire, you can heat water for dishes or a bush shower, deter mosquitoes and flies with the smoke and use it to keep warm and stare into for hours. You can also burn down millions of hectares of bush and...

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  • November 11 2014 – Alex Garner

    Top Tips: Keeping Your Campsite Cool

    Like anything in life, camping comes with its share of wonderful and awful experiences. Quite recently, my wife and I endured a nasty camping experience thanks to some rather warm weather (try 30 degrees at midnight). With summer rolling around, I thought I'd throw out a few tips to help keep such bad camping experiences to a minimum.  1: Location...

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