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HunterPro Mark II High Power LED Torch Kit

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HunterPro Mark II High Power LED Torch Kit


📦 Fast dispatch

1x Pack

Projects a super focused, high intensity beam of light

With a high beam, low beam and strobe function, you’ll never want to put it down

Adjustable beam

Finely adjust the telescopic lens from narrow angle (long distance) to wide angle (short distance).

Easy to charge

No more buying and replacing batteries. This torch is USB rechargeable, it charges just like your phone and other devices.

Battery level indicator

Before going on a trip where charging isn't an option, easily check how much power you have left via the LED indicators.

High-power batteries

Top of the range lithium-ion batteries - the Mark II torch is not only brighter than others, but it stays powered for longer.

What our customers are saying

Camping essential

"I got it for our camping trips. Collecting firewood in the dark is always a mission but with the HunterPro torch, it's easy as ever. Thanks guys" - Brian

Bloody awesome

"The distance it throws out is unbeatable. Almost like a laser beam. I can see at least 250 away with this thing" - Pete

Just incredible

"When the beam is super focused, it's almost like having a huge laser in your hand. It shoots a huge beam of light wherever you point it!" - Terry

Best thing ever

"I've used it the last couple of months now for hunting and home use. I found I grab it more than any other torch I own and that's saying something" - Darren