Pair of H4 LED Headlight CANBUS Adaptors

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We recommend that vehicles manufactured from 2014 onwards fit an inline CANBUS. Modern vehicles are fitted with onboard computers that detect everything from when it's raining to when a head light is out.

Due to the this LED headlight kit's low current draw, the onboard computer may suspect a headlight is out which will display an error on the dash. This CANBUS adaptor fixes this error code by telling the vehicle's onboard computer that the headlights are ok and functioning as normal.

Warning lights often occur after a malfunction or other problems when fitting LED globes. This adaptor solves the warning light problem on your dash after fitting LED globes.


  • Cancels CANBUS error warnings on late model vehicles
  • Works with After Market LED Headlight Kits (H4 type)
It is Recommended that all led light kits be fitted & wired by an Auto Electrician. There can be many issues with how your lights work after fitting LED Globes to modern & older vehicles

In The Box:
2 x H4 Canbus Adaptors

Condition:  New
Operating Voltage: 12V 14V DC
Usage:  H4 LED Headlight CANBUS resistor

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